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CORES4N s.r.l.

We from CORES4N s.r.l., are active since 1985 in our home country, Italy, and we have also experienced working opportunities in countries such as Switzerland, Turkey and Israel.

We have a great specialization in the preservation of cultural heritage, including the preservation of ancient and modern architectural built heritage, with a focus point in the restoration of frescoes, stuccos and statues.

Our company has a highly qualified staff, of restorers, architects and external scientific consultants and has always worked closely together with the cultural ministries control bodies (MiBACT) .
In 2008, in order to guarantee the maintenance of the quality of all tenders, we have developed a new branch of the company devoted to the execution of construction works on cultural properties and architectural monuments, in the field of covering works, restoration of facades, the prevention of capillary moisture, structural consolidation and seismic improvement.


Quality Management

We have the Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and the certification SOA OS2A IV° classification and OG2 III° classification to carry out tenders of the “Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo” (MiBACT).
Hopeful, that you appreciate our presentation we would be grateful to illustrate our business in a more detailed way in an informative meeting.

Training and technological research as the basis of innovation

The relatively small size of our entrepreneurial reality has not hindered the development of cutting-edge operating systems and the transfer of innovative operations necessary to ensure high quality standards into everyday life, thanks to close collaborations with Universities and scientific research bodies, including:

University of Firenze
University of Milano
Bologna University
Politechnic School of Milano

We can help you with the following services

  • Implementation of restoration and conservation interventions
  • Planning of the conservation process
  • Drafting and editing of diagnostics plans
  • Realisation of “in situ” and laboratory tests
  • Drafting of the ordinary maintenance plan
  • Implementation of maintenance interventions
  • Organisation of educational events
  • Training for operators in the Cultural Heritage field
  • Launch and developement of research project in collaboration with Italian and foreign institutions